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8/2/2014Cuyahoga Job & Family ServicesCMSD Back to School Rally
8/2/2014Cuyahoga Job & Family ServicesWard 7 New Day in Hough
8/3/2014Cuyahoga Job & Family Services46th Annual Puerto Rican Parade
8/4/2014Cuyahoga Job & Family ServicesSteetFest - 7th August is Child Support Awareness Month
8/4/2014Cuyahoga Job & Family ServicesSteetFest - August 4th Job Fair (in St. Peter's Church Parking Lot)
8/4/2014Boards and CommissionsBoard of Control Meeting Agenda
8/4/2014Boards and CommissionsContracts and Purchasing Board Meeting Agenda
8/4/2014Cuyahoga County CouncilFinance & Budgeting Committee Meeting Agenda
8/4/2014Cuyahoga Job & Family ServicesCJFS 7th Annual StreetFest
8/5/2014Board of ElectionsAugust 5, 2014 Special Election
8/5/2014Cuyahoga County CouncilPublic Safety & Justice Affairs Committee Meeting Agenda
8/5/2014Cuyahoga Job & Family ServicesNational Night Out Against Crime
8/5/2014Cuyahoga Job & Family ServicesNational Night Out Against Crime
8/6/2014Ohio Means JobsUniversal Protection Service
8/6/2014Cuyahoga Job & Family ServicesCleveland Clinic - Stephanie Tubbs Jones Health Center
8/7/2014Community Based Correctional FacilityGovernance Committee Meeting
8/7/2014Ohio Means JobsUniversal Protection Service
8/8/2014Community Based Correctional FacilityFacility Governing Board
8/8/2014Cuyahoga Job & Family ServicesUniversity Settlement Back to School Fair
8/9/2014Cuyahoga Job & Family ServicesEsperanza Back to School Rally
8/9/2014Cuyahoga Job & Family Services37th Glenville Community Festival
8/10/2014Alcohol, Drug Abuse & Mental Health ServicesWomen's Recovery Center's run, jane, run
8/10/2014Cuyahoga County Home PageMutt Strut & Mingle: Adopt-A-Thon, Meet & Greet and Pack Walk!
8/10/2014Cuyahoga Job & Family ServicesWe Care Fair
8/11/2014Board of ElectionsBoard Meeting
8/12/2014Cuyahoga County CouncilCouncil Meeting
8/13/2014Boards and CommissionsTechnical Advisory Committee Meeting
8/14/2014Cuyahoga Tapestry System of CareGood Fences Make Good Neighbors: Boundaries in Helping Relationships Register
8/14/2014Cuyahoga Tapestry System of CareStrengths in the Wraparound Process 8/14/2014 Register
8/14/2014Boards and CommissionsCuyahoga County Emergency Services Advisory Board Meeting
8/14/2014Cuyahoga Job & Family ServicesMt. Pleasant Family Annual Back to School Rally
8/15/2014Cuyahoga Job & Family ServicesEuclid Back to School Rally
8/16/2014Board of Developmental DisabilitiesCinema at the Square Agenda
8/16/2014Cuyahoga Job & Family ServicesSt. Clair Superior Festival 2014
8/19/2014Cuyahoga County CouncilHuman Resources, Appointments & Equity Committee Meeting
8/21/2014Office of Homeless ServicesPublic Policy Meeting
8/21/2014Cuyahoga Job & Family ServicesOffice of Child Support Services Employers' Workshop
8/22/2014Ohio Means JobsGCA Services Group
8/22/2014Ohio Means JobsGCA Services Group
8/24/2014Board of Developmental DisabilitiesCome Bowl with Us! Agenda
8/25/2014Cuyahoga County CouncilCouncil Operations & Intergovernmental Relations Committee Meeting
8/26/2014Missing PersonsChild Sex Trafficking: Law Enforcement Response
8/26/2014Board of ElectionsBoard Meeting
8/26/2014Cuyahoga County CouncilCouncil Meeting
8/27/2014Boards and CommissionsTechnical Advisory Committee Meeting
8/28/2014Geographical Information Systems2014 GIS Symposium Register
8/28/2014Board of Developmental DisabilitiesMonthly Board Meeting
8/30/2014Alcohol, Drug Abuse & Mental Health ServicesRecovery Resources Run for Recovery Agenda