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9/2/2014Cuyahoga County CouncilFinance & Budgeting Committee Meeting Agenda
9/2/2014Boards and CommissionsBoard of Control Meeting Agenda
9/2/2014Boards and CommissionsContracts and Purchasing Board Meeting Agenda
9/2/2014Cuyahoga County CouncilPublic Safety & Justice Affairs Committee Meeting Agenda
9/3/2014Boards and CommissionsEmergency Services Advisory Board - Communications Committee Meeting Agenda
9/3/2014Cuyahoga County CouncilPublic Works, Procurement & Contracting Committee Meeting Agenda
9/3/2014Board of Developmental DisabilitiesFall Planting the Seeds for the Future Agenda
9/4/2014Community Based Correctional FacilityGovernance Committee Meeting
9/5/2014Clerk of Courts9/5/2014 - E-Filing CLE Session Register
9/6/2014Alcohol, Drug Abuse & Mental Health ServicesCelebrating Recovery Walk
9/6/2014Alcohol, Drug Abuse & Mental Health Services1 Prayer 4 Recovery Faith Leaders Conference 2014 Agenda
9/8/2014Local Emergency Planning CommitteeLocal Emergency Planning Committee Meeting
9/8/2014Boards and CommissionsEmergency Medical Services (EMS) Committee Meeting Agenda
9/8/2014Board of ElectionsBoard Meeting
9/9/2014Cuyahoga Tapestry System of CareGimmicks for Great Meetings 9/09/2014 Register
9/9/2014Cuyahoga County CouncilCouncil Meeting
9/9/2014Board of Developmental DisabilitiesParent Forum: Making the Right Choice Agenda
9/10/2014Office of Homeless ServicesAdvisory Board Meeting
9/10/2014Boards and CommissionsTechnical Advisory Committee Meeting
9/10/2014Board of Developmental DisabilitiesFall Planting the Seeds for the Future, Part 2 of 3 Agenda
9/11/2014Clerk of Courts9/11/2014 - E-Filing CLE Session Register
9/12/2014Community Based Correctional FacilityFacility Governing Board
9/12/2014Department of Senior and Adult ServicesDSAS Advisory Council Meeting
9/14/2014Cuyahoga County Home PageMutt Strut & Mingle: Adopt-A-Thon, Meet & Greet and Pack Walk!
9/15/2014Boards and CommissionsArts & Culture Board of Trustees Annual Meeting
9/16/2014Ohio Means JobsVisiting Nurse Association
9/17/2014Ohio Means JobsTri-C Corporate College East Job Fair Agenda
9/17/2014Board of Developmental DisabilitiesFall Planting the Seeds for the Future, Part 3 of 3 Agenda
9/18/2014Clerk of Courts9/18/2014 - E-Filing CLE Session Register
9/20/2014Alcohol, Drug Abuse & Mental Health Services2014 NAMIWalks Greater Cleveland
9/23/2014Board of ElectionsSeptember 23, 2014 Mayoral Recall Election
9/23/2014OpiateCollaborativeOpiate Task Force Meeting
9/23/2014Cuyahoga County CouncilCouncil Meeting
9/24/2014Boards and CommissionsTechnical Advisory Committee Meeting
9/25/2014Board of Developmental DisabilitiesMonthly Board Meeting
9/26/2014Clerk of Courts9/26/2014 - E-Filing CLE Session Register
9/29/2014Alcohol, Drug Abuse & Mental Health ServicesCuyahoga County Executive Candidates' Night Agenda
9/29/2014Board of Developmental DisabilitiesCandidates Night Agenda