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Cuyahoga County Open Government

Welcome to the open government page!  This new web page is one of the first steps in creating a more transparent and efficient government for Cuyahoga County residents and businesses.  

We believe accountability to taxpayers is important.  Every dollar we spend belongs to the public, and empowering citizens with information about how tax dollars are spent is not just good government, but is vital in restoring the confidence that many people may have lost in county government.  Cuyahoga County obtains goods and services using three basic methods: (1) P-cards, (2) purchase orders and (3) contracts. P-cards and purchase orders are used primarily for supplies, equipment, and materials.  Contracts are used for consulting services, construction, medical services, etc.

Our first step toward more transparent government is to allowing taxpayers to view purchase orders and contracts online.  Our goal is to expand upon these initial steps, and allow for a more interactive experience, so that taxpayers will eventually be able to view more details, and enter search criteria for specific items of interest.  For now, please use the links below.  We hope that you find this information useful and look forward to providing more comprehensive and user friendly information in the near future. 

Contracts Signed for Cuyahoga County

A searchable listing of contracts signed by the County Executive and the County Council.

What is Cuyahoga County Purchasing?

Weekly spreadsheets of County Purchase Orders.

View Notices and Additional Information

The Office of Procurement and Diversity provides advanced search options to find notices, contracts and other relevant information.

Lobbyist Information

In 2012 Cuyahoga County contracted with Squire Sanders & Dempsey, L.L.P for federal legislative liaison services, and Public Policy Advocates, LLC, for state legislative liaison services.