Home Repair

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Cuyahoga County is proud to offer a wide variety of programs to help residents maintain clean, safe, and stable homes in our neighborhoods at an affordable price. We believe that all Cuyahoga County residents deserve clean, safe, and attractive neighborhoods in which they can live, work, and raise a family.

The following programs are designed to help all Cuyahoga County residents maintain and upgrade the quality of their housing and create a positive effect in the surrounding neighborhood. Some programs have income or community restrictions, which are stated in detail on each program page. Explore the programs below to see if you qualify!

Four Component (4COM) Home Repair Loan Program

The Four Component (4COM) Home Repair Loan enables eligible low-and-moderate income homeowners in eligible Cuyahoga County communities to make repairs or replacements to the following four components of a home: Roof, Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC/Furnace.

Housing Enhancement Loan Program (HELP)

The Home Enhancement Loan Program (HELP) allows homeowners to borrow money for home repair or remodeling projects. HELP has no restrictions on a borrower’s income and few limitations on what improvements can be made to a property.

Heritage Home Loan Program

Through the Heritage Home Loan Program, the County partners with the Cleveland Restoration Society to help provide the funds you need to modernize your older home and make energy efficiency improvements.