Our dental coverage offers many features to keep your teeth healthy. See information about our 2022 Plan, Guardian Dental, below. 

Benefits with Guardian Dental will terminate on December 31, 2022. Our new dental provider will be Delta Dental effective January 1, 2023. For questions concerning this change, please contact the Benefits HelpDesk at 216-443-3539 or email

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Guardian Dental coverage offers many features to help keep your teeth healthy.

  • If you choose an In-Network or Out-of-Network Provider, you will have a $150 deductible and three (3) individual deductibles per family
  • Deductible is waived for In-network and Out of-Network preventive services
  • If you use Out of-Network providers, you will be billed for any amount due beyond the reasonable and customary charges
  • There is $2,500 per person per calendar annual benefit maximum for preventive, basic, and major services combined for In-Network and Out of-Network providers
  • There is a $1,000 lifetime maximum per person for TMJ treatment
  • Dependent children are covered to the end of the month following their 26th birthday if defined as an eligible dependent
  • Find the complete descriptions of covered services at Guardian Anytime

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