Cleveland Law Library/Cuyahoga County Law Library

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wooden door with words Law Library on window

The Law Library is an institution that provides services to a large constituency of private members, as well as judges, public officials, and their respective staff members. The Law Library is also open to the public one day each week. The Library was originally established in 1869 as the Cleveland Law Library Association by foremost members of the bar in Cuyahoga County to promote the science of the law. The Library remains one of the largest membership law libraries in the United States. Over time Ohio statutes have created additional roles for the Law Library in assisting the local judiciary, elected officials in Cuyahoga County, and members of the Ohio General Assembly. In recent years legislation expanded the existing statutory responsibilities to encompass all local governments, and in 2010 created a new body named the Cuyahoga County Law Library Resources Board to watch over services to these groups and offer a venue for public access.

wooden desks and chairs in libraryThe Library is located on the south side of the Cuyahoga County Court House; and circa 1912 was reported as containing about 35,000 volumes. The mural on the south side of the Law Library is named “A New England Town Meeting” by artist Max Bohm. Bohm was born in Cleveland in 1868 and died in Provincetown Massachusetts in 1923, having spent most of his life in Europe where he was acclaimed as one of the foremost American painters of his era. In addition to the Cuyahoga County Court House, Max Bohm’s work can also be seen in the Smithsonian Institution and National Gallery in Washington, DC. 

The Law Library also has wall friezes with the names of persons significant to the history of American and English law visible in the garlands. 

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