Civil Division's FAQ

Civil Division FAQ

I have heard that a property has gone into foreclosure. However, I have not seen it appear yet on your foreclosure list. How do I find out the status of this property and when it is scheduled for sale by the Sheriff’s Department?
Where are Sheriff Sales held and how do I register or bid on a parcel?
I am having troubles registering with Real Auction or have questions about my registered account. Who do I contact?
What do the terms WITHDRAWN, BANKRUPTCY, POSTPONED, CANCELLED and UNSOLD mean? Why are some parcels marked with these terms even before the sale takes place?
My home (parents’ home, business…etc.) is scheduled for a Sheriff’s Sale and a petition of bankruptcy has been filed in order to have the sale stayed. How do I get the property removed from your sale listing?
I have reason to believe that information on the Sheriff’s Foreclosure Sale page is incorrect, how do I get that information corrected/removed?
How can I go about viewing a property before I decide if I want to bid on it?
How can I have documents served in Cuyahoga County?
I did not see an answer to my question on this page, where do I go?