Frequently Asked Questions

Treasurer FAQ

How long does it take to process electronic checks and credit card payments?
Will you have extended hours during this collection for the taxpayers?
Can I pay my taxes online?
How will I know my online payment was submitted?
What happens if I do not pay my real property taxes?
My payment was returned, why does it still show as paid on your website?
May I contest penalty charges?
I can’t make my payment online or over the phone, why?
I just moved into this house recently. The previous owner is responsible for this bill. Why did you send it to me?
I pay my taxes with my mortgage payment every month. Why did you send me this bill?
I want to pay my taxes by the end of the year, what is the latest I can send my payment to the Treasury?
Am I eligible for the Homestead Exemption?
What if I don’t want others to be able to see my tax information on your website, can you remove the information?
What are the collection closing dates for my Manufactured Home?
What should I do if I am behind on paying my taxes?
What happens if your tax lien is sold?
What should I do if my taxes were sold in a tax certificate sale?
What is EasyPay?
How do I change my account information?
What if I sold my property?
When will I receive my prepayment coupons?
Will I be penalized for paying my prepayment coupon late?
How do I stop my EasyPay automatic debits?