Department of Sustainability

Responses to Cuyahoga County Utility RFI

In summer 2022, Cuyahoga County developed a “Request for Information” submission to the energy community and markets asking for suggestions and comments about how to effectively execute our vision of providing clean, resilient and affordable electricity to customers in the County. Specifically, The RFI sought to identify feasible models (organization, business/economic, legal/commercial), feasible timelines and to learn about effective technical capabilities of microgrids. In response the County received over 40 responses. Some of the responses were marked as privileged or confidential and at the request of the submitter have either not been included in the link or redacted in some fashion. Four submitters asked that their entire submissions not be included which at this point we are honoring.


Featured Initiatives

BYOBags small logo



Learn more about Cuyahoga County’s plastic bag initiative.
solar panels


Residential Solar Co-Op

Solar co-ops make it easy to save money with a bulk discount by going solar in a group.
person watering an newly planted tree


Tree Canopy

The Healthy Urban Tree Canopy Grant promotes tree planting and maintenance projects.